So you’re at school alllllllll daaaaaaay loooooong – It never ends… am I right? (kinda close?) Well, it’s definately time for you to have FUN!


TEAM Kid meets every Wednesday night at 6:00. Get to church early, like at 5:45, and eat some food with your friends!





  1. savannah

    i love teamkid it’s so fun with lynn & scott with reck. and lisa with story also susan at missions like i siad it’s fun

  2. Colin Phillips

    i realy like team kid. My favorite parts are the games and the costume characters that come for special visits. And the teachers are AWESOME.

  3. Kathy Healy

    Christina and Kathy at check-in are really cool! Scott and Lynn “manning” the store rock! Susan and Lisa doing the Team Kid thang are jammin! Team Kids is the place to be on Wednesday nights at ARBC!

  4. shannon deatrick

    WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!i agree with EVERYONE!!teamKID is my FAVORITE PART of Wed.!!!!GO ARBC!!!!!(good supper before teamKID too!)

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