The following is a letter and prayer concerns from Dr. Lee Baggett. Dr. Baggett is apart of the Manos Hermanas organization, which some of our members will be helping this summer on our missions trip.

Dr. Baggett will also be our honored speaker for Missions Sunday this year. Missions Sunday is set for March 11, 2007. 

Dear Friends,

We would appreciate your prayers for the following concerns.

Zacatecas: Thanks to the Texas Baptist Men we were able to install an arsenic and fluoride removal unit for the water in the Cervantes area of Zacatecas.  It should provide clean water for three small towns and other ranching communities.  Ron Mathis, the builder, trained the local ladies who will be running the unit.  We now need follow-up.

Groups from South Carolina and from Iowa are planning to help build ecological outhouses (no smell, no flies) in the same county this spring and summer.

After installing the unit, we drove over a mountain and down into a canyon to visit a community of 18 families that are believers from contacts after the well we helped put in Santa Ana and a follow-up glasses project.  They use hand-cranked tape players to listen to Bible study tapes that Ananías records. 

Ananías and two county Presidents will meet with the Governor Tuesday at noon to begin the process with Amigos Internacionales to apply for a grant to set up a year-long nutritional supplement program for some 40,000 people to help them get on their feet through job development.  This will tie in with our other projects: clean water, sewage treatment, goat production, computers for schools, etc. 

Zacoalco: The prayers of the brothers are mostly for friends and family who need to know Christ.  The second item is usually thanks for when they have work.  They are growing. 

We really need a full time national couple to live in Zacoalco to harvest what has been planted throughout the town and to build on the discipleship we have been able to do to date.  Through this last year we were able to build an adequate chapel, classrooms, bathrooms that flush and have doors, and space where a family could live.  We still need some details and to seal the new roofs and walls before the summer rains, but it is livable. 

Mexican American Hospital: We inaugurated the renovated and expanded surgical suite in December.  More physicians are bringing their patients now.  There is still much to do for the ISO2000 certification, which will also enhance the hospital credentials and services. 

Dr. Raquel Morales and Dentist Reina García continue with us in the outreach medical clinics.  The local brothers are doing good follow-up with new homes and missions opening from the contacts.  

Family: Ruthie’s mother is still adapting to the nursing home environment.  It is not easy, after independent living for 89 years. 

We really enjoyed the time with our families for Christmas, especially the grand-kids.  Audrey, 8 years, was reading a new piano book to learn pieces on “vacation.”  We also watched Bailey, Dylan, and Hudson develop while we were there.  It was hard to leave. 

Lee’s mother will soon be 98.  We had a good time together as a family. 

Thank you again for your prayers.  They make all the difference. 

Lee and Ruthie Baggett



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