ARBC is very active in missions. All of us who attend know this is true since every Sunday during announcements, at least one of the announcements is an opportunity to volunteer.

So, to help us stay apprised of the latest mission opportunities, I will be listing them here…on the Missions Page.

February – COG: Eddie Davis Center Chili Night
February 20th, ARBC will be providing and serving dinner at the Eddie Davis Center in Valley Junction. Please sign-up to make chili or desserts or to go to the center and serve the meal. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board at the church. 

February – May: Together for Hope  
ARBC will be collecting school supplies for children and youth in South Dakota Indian reservations. All types of school supplies are needed; notebooks, pencils, crayons, calculators, back-packs, and more. If you have any donations, a collection tub/box will be placed in the church in the near future.

March – Global Missions Month  
March is ARBC annually dedicated month to missions! This year CBF is focusing on Together for Hope and African missions for their Global Missions project. ARBC will be collecting donations to help fund CBF’s Global Missions Goal of $6,320,000.

During the month, ARBC will also be collecting donations for ARBC’s Mission Trip to Zacatecas, Mexico this summer. Dr. Lee Baggett of Manos Hermanas will be speaking during the March 11th worship service about the needs in Mexico and how our mission trip will be helping supply people with basic needs as well as sharing Christ with them. Afterwards we will have our annual Around the World potluck.

At this point the people in attendance for the mission trip are: Tim Lisa, Ryan, Laurenand Shannon Deatrick; Scott and Savannah Oswald; Jayne Rife; David, Jami and Colin Phillips; Ken, Marina and Ryan McGreger; Drew and Melissa Harden; Dalia Polk (Translator from Tennessee).

We all appreciate your support and prayers as we prepare for the upcoming trip. The trip is schedule for July 5 – 15th in Zacatecas, Mexico.

For more information about any of the projects, please contact Melissa Harden.



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