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ARBC Members Barry Griswell, Jason Yates, and Dustin Miller’s exciting new venture now has an online presence. Check out the new website at – and help support on of Ashworth Road Baptist Church’s partners!

The Harvest Initiative was organized in the spring of 2008 to create and facilitate economic activity on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation by assisting tribal members, through training entrepreneurs, providing access to capital and enhanced financial literacy.


What a great missions trip ARBC had last week. So many lives were touched, so many relationships built and strengthened, and so many great memories were made! Here are a few photos from the week.

Don’t forget to remember and pray for the many church members who are on a missions trip to Crow Creek this week!

Here are a couple photos from the Around the World Potluck, and one from the Missions Committee dinner.





Of course, March is Missions Month at ARBC. This year, the theme for our Global Missions Emphasis is “Embrace the World.” We will be focusing on all the exciting local, national, and international mission opportunities currently going on at ARBC. Remember, our goal this year is to raise $10,000 for missions during the month of March. It’s a large goal, but definitely reachable with your help and prayers. Please consider giving and please pray for missionaries around the world during this month!

ALSO, Don’t forget the annual, popular AROUND THE WORLD potluck lunch THIS SUNDAY, March 9th. Bring a dish from a certain country of the world! For instance, I made the wildly unpopular Norwegian Hotdogs one year… bring something better than that!

Thanks again to Don Burton for sending over some more photos! These are from the recent mission trip/clothes delivery to the Crow Creek reservation in South Dakota. Remember, we’re planning more trips to Crow Creek in the coming months!