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Ashworth Road Baptist Church Saturday Night Service begins Sept. 6th – at 5:30 PM. The new services will be contemporary and casual – be sure to make plans to check it out!!

Now you can proudly show off your favorite ARBC Website on your computer’s desktop! Simply click on the image below, then right click on the full image and hit “Set as Background” Enjoy!


CBF Midwest

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has released an article about the creation CBF Midwest. To read the article, click here.

Jamie Phillips sent in some photos of Cory from this past weekend. *Sniff* …he’s allll grown up! *sniff*





Yes, the popular, annual Ashworth Baptist Superbowl Party! Who will win? Who is playing? Who cares! There will be food! Show up at 4:30 pm and bring a snack item of some sort!

Do you remember the first Sunday you visited Ashworth Baptist? (Mine was during the summer of 2001). Well, look what I ran across while cleaning the other day… an ARBC bulletin from way back in 1997… almost 10 years ago! Before my time… but maybe you remember!