Upcoming Movie…

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is a major motion picture staring Ben Stein, and will be coming to theaters April 18. It takes an interesting look at the creationism vs. evolution debate, discussing why many scientists aren’t allowed to even consider God as a possibility. Check out the website to learn more, and check out the teaser trailer below!


  1. Jami

    We saw Expelled on opening weekend. We really wanted to support it in the hope that it would expand to other theaters if it did well. I have been interested in this topic for quite a while as our colleges and universities are being taken over by Marxist and Humanist professors. Not that I have a problem with universities hiring anyone – but abolishing dialogue is not what universities are supposed to be about. That was a big reason for the formation of the CBF out of the SBC! I love Ben Stein and thought he did a great job with sprinkling the facts with wit and sarcasm. He is a master at understatement! I encourage everyone to see it. Believer or not…it raises excellent questions regarding academic freedom.

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