Youth Gratitude Poems…


This Sunday, in high school sunday school class we talked about how important gratitude is. At the end of class, the youth picked five people they’d like to thank, and they came up with “gratitude poems” for them. I read them in church, but here they are again!

Kerri Clark

“Thanks for the delicious food, Kerri
It is so very good
We especially like the cobbler blueberry
We would live with you if we could!”

Don Burton

“Kudos to you Don Burton
You pass out bulletins with style
With your wife we saw you a flirtin’
Seeing you makes us smile”

Susan Healy

“You do such a great job with the kids
They love you so much
You’re worth more than a hundred Ebay bids
So we’re buying you some lunch”

Kathi Wooderson

“You type so fast
And work with  children well
With you, the kids have a blast
You’re as beautiful as a shiny seashell!”

Paula Stewart

“Thanks for the music you play
and your help with the boy-scouts too
It really makes our day
And your car looks really new”

Seriously thanks to Kerri, Don, Susan, Kathi, and Paula for all they do for the church!


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