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Finally the photos are here! We had 50 people show up for this year’s Men’s Dessert Bake-off. Interestingly enough, last year’s champion Tim Deatrick wasn’t able to attend. While some of the men eagerly jumped at this opportunity, others wondered if Tim was laying low because of the swirling rumors of an unbeatable dessert: The Don Burton “Better-than-Tim’s-Sermon-Cake.” Sure enough, after the sugar had cleared, Don took home both the “Most Feminine Dessert Award,” and the “Best Overall Dessert Award.” I think Don did a better job accepting the award for the Best Dessert than he did the Feminine award, but that’s a tale for another post. And now the photos…

Some of this year’s contestants!

Some claim Don’s stellar cutting technique as the key to his success

The eager crowd digs in



Why, it’s the surprisingly refreshing “Pickle Upside-down Cake”!

One of the Judges labors over her decisions

Don Peck easily scores an award. Wow… Carla looks really surprised!

Don accepting his big award.


Check back later for a video!


Remember, the evening of Sunday May 20th is our annual Men’s Dessert Bake-off! Guys, create a dessert and bring it for everyone to enjoy! Some of the women will judge the desserts and award prizes for the most delicious, the best use of fruit, the most colorful, etc. Plus, everyone in attendance will vote on the best overall dessert!


Here’s a video from last year’s event…