Finally! The Gummy Bear Cartoon…

March is a very important month at Ashworth Baptist, it’s missions month! Each March we focus on spreading the good news to others as we are visited by missionaries, learn more about global missions, and enjoy the ever popular Around the World Potluck (…which is coming up right after church services THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 11th!)

Last March, Ryan McGreger and I found ourselves telling the kids about a little incident we had with some gummy bears. Yes, Ryan learned an important lesson about not keeping good things to himself.


Here is the now famous gummy bear cartoon we showed last year! Thanks to a lot of ARBC members lent their voices to this animation… Enjoy!!


  1. Ashley

    I love the Gummy Bear video! Make more Mr. Drew!

  2. Thanks Ashley!! Glad you enjoyed it! I wonder what my next animation should be about…

  3. Lori Overlaur


    I love the Gummy bear video!! You are soooo talented. I’m glad that you are using your talents for God’s work.

    Lori and Kevin in AL

  4. Thanks Lori!!! Good to hear from you!

  5. Drew, we want more cartoons! These are a riot! I loved it!

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