The Snowy Youth Lock-in

An exciting ARBC Youth Lock-in was held this past Friday. Almost 40 kids showed up, despite the chilly blizzard-like conditions! The night was filled with basketball, baseball, rock-climbing, bowling, games of Christian-guard, way too much pop (coke if you’re from the South), and more. Thanks to all the Youth for showing up and to the adults who stayed up all night! Here are a few photos…

Snowy driving + caffinated Youth = an interesting combination

Everyone stands amazed as their Youth Director easily makes his 78th free throw in a row

The batting cage. The Youth did great, but rumor has it one of the adults stepped in front of a 60 mph baseball that night…

Rock climbing… don’t ever look down



Thanks for the interest in this post! Because of it, today holds the record of the most hits we’ve ever gotten in one day!


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