Ashworth Baptist …OLD SCHOOL!

Do you remember the first Sunday you visited Ashworth Baptist? (Mine was during the summer of 2001). Well, look what I ran across while cleaning the other day… an ARBC bulletin from way back in 1997… almost 10 years ago! Before my time… but maybe you remember!






  1. Dennis W

    So, I guess I know what Christina was doing ten years ago.
    Thanks to both of you for the site. I will have to show that one to Christina.

  2. Yes I noticed her name too. She must have been like seven back then! Glad you like the site, thanks!!

  3. Christina

    I would have been eight at the time. I think “Opening of the Word” meant I brought the Bible to the front of the sanctuary, but I could be wrong. It WAS a long time ago… 🙂

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