CBF Article

The CBF website has a nice article about ARBC and the Oswald family helping out with Katrina. I thought you all might like to see it for yourself.  The article is listed below. I know it says Illinois in the title but the point is still made. If you would like to see the article on the CBF website, click here.

Illinois church contributes in relief effort
Located in Des Moines, Ashworth Road Baptist Church is the only CBF church in the state of Iowa. While it is far from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, two of its members were hit hard by the news. Scott Oswald’s wife, Lynn, has family in Leesville, La., located about two hours south of Shreveport. Oswald had just driven a car to his mother-in-law a few days before the hurricane struck.  Oswald got word to the church and began making preparations to head back to Leesville. Church members started filling a trailer and the back of a truck full of food, toys, diapers and hygiene products. When Oswald went to his local bank to withdraw money from his savings to help buy supplies, bank employees and customers contributed as well.  At a Vernon Parish campground, the Oswald family helped distribute the items.“I’ve gone on mission trips before,” he said “But to look into some of the people’s faces. They were just so down because they lost all their stuff. It was like being in another country.”


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