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Jamie Phillips sent in some photos of Cory from this past weekend. *Sniff* …he’s allll grown up! *sniff*






Yes, the popular, annual Ashworth Baptist Superbowl Party! Who will win? Who is playing? Who cares! There will be food! Show up at 4:30 pm and bring a snack item of some sort!

Second Annual School Supplies Collection For South Dakota Indian Reservations Together for Hope, High Plains  

ARBC will be collecting school supplies for children on the Indian Reservations of South Dakota. The collection continues through May 25, 2007.  Ray & Kathleen Kesner will be distributing the school supplies near the end of August.  

Here is what a former elementary teacher on one reservation said concerning the needs of her school age children. “I witnessed a dramatic change in kids by the 3rd grade. Believe it or not, a lot of our kids by that age are already disillusioned with life and have already begun to live in the ‘here and now.’ It’s a day by day existence with little or no plans (or hopes) for the future. So pray! Pray for the hearts, minds and bodies of the people to be healed.”  Following is a list of the items we are collecting. Please limit your contributions to these items.

  • Backpacks, new or gently used                                Colored Pencils
  • Pens, Pencils                                                                 Paper
  • Crayons                                                                          Spiral Notebooks
  • Glue                                                                                Folders
  • Rulers                                                                             Scissors
  • Notebooks                                                                    Erasers
  • Markers

 Items will be collected at ARBC. A designated bin will be placed to be announced.Thank you for your help! For Further information please contact Melissa Harden,

Empty Swingset

Children of Men is dark, harsh and gruesome, yet real and honest like no other movie I have seen before. The tag line for the movie summarizes the movie quite well: “In 20 years women are infertile. No children. No future. No hope. But all can change in a heartbeat.”    

The thing I liked best about it (other than being so powerful) was the resonance it had with the Nativity story -not the movie, the actual story of Jesus’ birth. When he came into our world, everyone who saw him had their breath taken away. Peace came in form of a baby.  

Rated: R               Not for children.              My Rating: 5/5       

Please read the following movie review written by Dennis Mullen for Relevant Magazine.

January 21, 2007: Pastor’s Report

As I reviewed some of the things we attempted and completed in 2006, I had to pause in amazement. We had a full year! I am thankful for the improvements we were able to make to our facility. Our Building and Grounds Committee gave excellent leadership as we were able to clean up, clean out, rearrange, plant,  paint, carpet, shampoo, wax, fix, and furnish.

We witnessed some outstanding ministry performance! Our Missions Committee led the way as we set new records in giving during Global Missions Month. Children’s leaders gave us another excellent VBS, and initiated a new Wednesday night program for our children. Our students did mission work at Murrow Children’s Home. Our Music leaders provided us with two very good musical presentations. Our Fellowship Committee made sure we had plenty to eat! Our Deacons provided leadership as we launched a new geographical region for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We were able to begin two new teaching units in Sunday School. Everyone welcomed and greeted our guests.  We launched our new web site, and have enjoyed New members have come into the church. Our Sunday School attendance grew. Our worship attendance grew. Our giving increased.

Every one in the ARBC family should feel a sense of accomplishment. God has been good to us this past year. He’s taken our availability and energy and done marvelous things.  I’m excited about 2007.  I hope you are too!


Quick facts: The following figures show in increase from 2005.

Sunday School increased 20%

Worship attendance increased 18%

Giving increased 36%

Thanks for the great year; let’s make 2007 even better!

Prayer Concerns Updated

A letter from Dr. Lee Baggett has been posted in the Mexico: Manos Hermanas page. The letter includesprayer concerns for Dr. Baggett’s missions in Mexico.

I also received a letter form the Kesner’s today. It can be found on the S.Dakota: Together for Hope page.