Tatty’s New Resturant

Taddy’s New Resturant- Iron Wok

Tatty has opened up new restaurant called Iron Wok. The grand opening took place on December 8th, so the place is open for business!

Drew and I went for lunch today and it was great! I loved the Mongolian Beef and Drew added some spice to his lunch with Angry Chicken, which was very angry. The decor was as great as the food. All that is missing is the hopping enviroment that you get at Quiznos and Z’Mirks. So everyone should go on and eat up at Iron Wok.

Location: Jordan Creek Area
6630 Mills Civic Pkwy Suite 3108
West Des Moines, IA 50266
(515) 224-2100

11:00a-9:00p M-Th
11:00a-10:00p Fri-Sat
Lunch (Hot food display) 11:00-2:00 M-F


  1. I asked Tatty what her favorite dish was and she said the Angry Catfish. So, when you go you should try that out! ..and eat it with the chopsticks, that makes it taste better!

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