Keep Your Holiday Families in Mind

Christmas Living RoomChristmas is getting close and I want to put out a reminder that your Sunday school classes should begin coordinating plans with your adopted Holiday family. Just like at Thanksgiving, each class will make a Christmas dinner delivery to their family. Although, for Christmas we will also be providing Christmas gifts for the children in our adopted families.

The children’s names,, ages, and Christmas lists are posted on the bottom of the hand-outs given to each Sunday school class. If your class has misplaced this informational sheet, let me know and I can email you your class’s Christmas lists.

Aside from helping your adopted Holiday Family celebrate a wonderful Christmas by donating food and gifts, please remember to pray for your Holiday Family.

Liven up the Mood and let them know you Truly Care!
Suggestions for other items to place in your Thanksgiving basket:

  1. A Card – Invite your Holiday Family to come worship at ARBC
  2. Chocolates – Who doesn’t finish off a Christmas meal without cleansing their palette with a splendid mouthful of chocolates?
  3. Centerpiece – Show you truly care. Show that you put time, thought, and consideration into your basket by placing a homemade centerpiece or decorated item. This way your Holiday Family will see you personally thought about their need as well as wants. Other suggestions: a table runner, flower arrangement, or candles.
  4. Games – A little competition, a lot of laughter, bonding with family members, and memories for a lifetime! Throw a board game into your basket and make the holidays a little livelier. Suggestions: Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Mad Gab, Cranium, and Blokus.

Take a smile and the Spirit of God with you while you deliver the Christmas meal!
Melissa Harden


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