Baby Ashley loves ARBC Rocks!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have heard that Ashley Oswald LOVES the Oswald Christmas Animation that has been featured on this site. She has to watch it at least once a day and gets very upset if she can’t. Well, the other day I was over at the Oswalds and I got to witness this phenomena first hand… and I got video of it! Take a look!

…and again, here is the Oswald Christmas Animation

Wow! Four updates, four days in a row! Isn’t ARBC Rocks great? Tell your friends!


  1. Ashley's Mom

    Isn’t Ashley adorable! Thanks Drew!

  2. You’re welcome Ashley’s mom!!! (Lynn Anne)

  3. Lori in AL

    Wow!!! It is great to see dear friends! Thanks, Drew.

    Kevin and Lori in AL

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