The Nativity Story


Although the story may be well known, the reality of the struggle to bring our Savior into the world is still unknown.

In a visual world, The Navity Story is a movie that helps shed light over the struggles that Mary and Joseph would have faced during the days leading up to Jesus’ birth.

I have not yet seen the film and I haven’t heard much about it, but I think it is good movie for us all to see, just so we will be able to get a better idea of the pain involved in such a miracle.

The Nativity Story comes out tomorrow: Friday, December 1st. For your convience, below are screening times:

Wyndsong Carmike:   1:00   I   3:10   I   5:20   I   7:30   I   9:40

Century 20 at Jordan Creek: 11:30am   I   12:30   I   2:00    I   3:10    I   4:30 I 5:35   I    7:00    I   8:00   I   9:30   I   10:30



  1. Jami

    We went to see The Nativity on Saturday. We all loved it. The historical and cultural details really brought the story to life! Our 21st centruy minds can’t really fathom how hard life was then. Colin knows the story of Jesus’ birth backwards and forwards, but this movie gave him a greater perspective. I thought the movie was fine for children. There is the opening scene of the Slaughter of the Innocents. It is filmed very vaguely. No blood or gore, but you do know what is happening. But if your kids know the story, it isn’t a surprise. There are some quick shots of crucifictions as Mary and Joseph walk by them on their journey to Bethlehem, but those aren’t dwelt upon and you can’t tell if the poeple are alive or dead. It is a great forshadowing tool. I would highly recommend it. It is not a big, dramatic epic like some Bible films – full of amazing special effects- it is a simple story mostly of two simple people learning to love each other and follow the will of God in their lives. SPOILER – I was disappointed that there was no sky filled with the heavenly host.

  2. We went to see it on Saturday too! I was very impressed. There were a few things I would have changed, but overall very good. I’ll be getting it on DVD when it comes out, and probably be watching it every Christmas from now on! Go see it!

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