Holiday Families

TurkeyThis Thanksgiving holiday, ARBC is, again, joining with the West Des Moines Human Services to provide holiday assistance to several families in our community.

Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away, so please keep your adopted Holiday Family in mind during this next week. Aside from helping them celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving by donating food, please remember to pray for your Holiday Family.

The following Sunday school classes will be supplying food for the following families this Thanksgiving:
Youth             Jerry & Jolene Owens
Adult II         Carl & Tami Smith
Adult III        Mario Gonzales & Araceli Garcia
Adult IV        Najiaz & Ismeta Kantareric
Adult V         Gonzales & Rodriquez
Adult VI        Liane Rhiner
Women         Richard & Heather Daughenbaugh

Liven up the Mood and let them know you Truly Care!
Suggestions for other items to place in your Thanksgiving basket:

  1. A Card – Invite your Holiday Family to come worship at ARBC
  2. Chocolates – Who doesn’t finish off a Thanksgiving meal without cleansing their palette with a splendid mouthful of chocolates?
  3. Centerpiece – Show you truly care. Show that you put time, thought, and consideration into your basket by placing a homemade centerpiece or decorated item. This way your Holiday Family will see you personally thought about their need as well as wants. Other suggestions: a table runner, flower arrangement, or candles.
  4. Games – A little competition, a lot of laughter, bonding with family members, and memories for a lifetime! Throw a board game into your basket and make the holidays a little livelier. Suggestions: Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Mad Gab, Cranium, and Blokus.

Take a smile and the Spirit of God with you while you deliver the Thanksgiving meal!
Melissa Harden


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