Trunk or Treat!



Candy: Check.
Costumes: Check.
Games, Drawings, and Prizes: Check.
Wind Chill: Double Check!

Here they are!! Pictures from last night’s event. Every thing went well and everyone had a great time! We took a LOT of pictures, although many of them didn’t turn out too well since it was so dark (SO, if you’re looking for a particular photo and it’s not on this page, sorry!) Here were some costumes that caught my eye:

– Napoleon Dynamite and Kip
– A Bionicle
– Harry Potter
– Darth Vader (who I’m pretty sure came by at least three separate times for candy).
– Uncle Jessie
– Ashley the Pooh (who I somehow didn’t get a picture of!) 

ISU Santa Scott was popular with his bean bag games and
tent top that kept the cold out.

Craig the Spartan Cheerleader and
the Diamonds-are-a-Girl’s-Best-Friend Girl

The Dukes of Hazzard!

“Napoleon, don’t be jealous…. besides, everyone knows
I’m training to become a cage fighter”

The winner of the 2006 Trunk or Treat Best Costume Award!

Propeller Beanie Hat Man

…and I-Don’t-Care-I’ve-Got-Short-Sleeves-in-Freezing-Weather Man!

Luke and Daisy Duke with their new pet

We only had one misbehavior all night. We dealt with it.

Lil’ Harry Potter

Prizes! I heard that someone put their name
into the drawing more than once
(no, I won’t name names, but his initials might be “Duane Hiles”)


Hope you enjoyed the photos! I may have a video to put on later…


David Dog


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