The Pancake Breakfast

Blueberries: $5

Chocolate chips: $6

Starting the day with fried carbs, chocolate, and lots of sugar: Priceless.  

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s a Baptist-style Southern Pancake Breakfast.

Wow… look at the skill with which he wields that spatula!!..
I’m talking about Mr. Ken of course.

Actually I got better as the morning went on! They were
were half-way decent by my 23rd batch 🙂

We had a great crowd! 62 people showed up in all!

Ah… now this was my masterpiece! The Choco-donu-cake (with syrup)


  1. Annonymous

    yo quiero mas cuentos para Ryan =]. Por que tu puedes? Por que ryan es muy guapo, ryan es muy intersante, y ryan es fantastico!
    haha hope this isnt to brutal gramatically but its all i can do with my espanol dos education. cya in sunday school =]

  2. savannah

    Drew who is eating that it is gross

  3. Ryan… your spanish is flawless….. Let me translate for our English speaking friends:

    “I want more stories for Ryan. Why do you try? Because Ryan is very handsome, interesting, and fantastic!”

  4. Well Savannah, I made the wonderful Choco-duno-cake for Noel. You see, she asked for an exta-special pancake, and I delivered. I’m glad you think it looks delicious. Maybe for your birthday next year I’ll make one for you.

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