VBS 2006 Pictures!!

 VBS Photo Frame

Here are some pictures from VBS 2006 (since ARBC Rocks wasn’t rockin’ back then). Enjoy!… and let me know what you think!

VBS.06 01
The kids practice singing in church….
I MEAN, in a tropical island paradise

VBS.06 02 
Captain Cookie and First Mate Crumbs had a difficult time
overcoming their shyness that week

 VBS.06 04
The big pie toss! Yeah…. it was really more of a relentless pie attack.
Remind me not to sign up to be the recipient of this next year.
Can you tell who this is?

 VBS.06 05
I actually played in each of the inflatable rides!…
I mean, TESTED them for safety.

VBS.06 06
Crumbs and Cookie discover TREASURE! ARRRRR!!!!

 VBS.06 03
Pearl Shellfish joins the Capt. and First Mate.
Did it bother anyone else that Cookie and Crumbs wore
the same clothes every day? I’m not sure I’d have my nose
so close to the good Captain’s armpit…

VBS.06 07
Our VBS skit stars


  1. Jami

    I had no idea that my pants are THAT loud!

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