One Night with the King

While doing some online research for my sunday school lesson (we’re learning about Heaven this week) I ran across an ad for the movie One Night with the King. I’ve never heard of this movie before tonight, but apparently it’s the Biblical story of Esther… and it will be in theaters beginning this Friday (Oct. 13th) It actually has a couple fairly well known actors in it, and it looks pretty good! The special effects are impressive too. Keep this one in mind if you’re looking for a movie this weekend. I’ll check it out and post a mini-review soon.

Check out the trailer here!


  1. Jami

    Hollywood is finally figuring out that movies with Christian/Biblical themes sell! Yeah! From the Passion of the Christ to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – now the Story of Haddassah (or Esther if you’re Persian) ! If we want to continue to see these types of films in theaters, we must support them in the first weekend, if not the first night of their release. Opening weekend numbers send an important message to “Hollywood”. Money talks!

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