The Annual September Picnic…


Every September, we find ourselves out at Raccoon River Park for a church picnic-sorta-thing. This was my 3rd or 4th year, and it’s always quite entertaining… and tasty. The Korean/Southern food theme is always interesting. (Reminds me of my steady diet of Mexican/Southern I eat these days). This year I brought some delicious peanut butter cookies my mom… uh, I mean, I made. Of course there is always a youth auction… and is it just me or are these parents always trying to buy their own kids? I always want to jump up there, help out with the cause, and be auctioned off as well… but how much do you think people would pay to have me come draw pictures for them?

Here are a few photos

Hog Roast 1

Hog Roast 2

Hog Roast 3

Hog Roast 4

Hog Roast 5

Hog Roast 6


  1. Jami

    My favorite part of the pinic is hanging out with the Korean congregation. They are always so generous with their food and are so happy when we want to try it. I hung out with them at the Splash party, too, and had these great onion pancakes! I met a really neat new couple – Eddie and Michelle- that have only been here in Des Moines for about a month. I wish there were more times when our congregations can get together!
    We could have potlucks together in the time between our services.

  2. Shannon

    i agree with you jamie,i had so much fun catching bugs and wading in the beach of the lake!!!

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